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Holland after widening Union in Mai 2003. she unlocked for newly her labour market received member's states, in this also for Poland. Every citizen of UE can without problem at present to undertake in holand work, and it need not hereinto any permissions. With regard on low-end of unemployment (one of the lowest coefficients in UE) citizens of every from newly received states undertake in nederlands the work willingly. Also high earning it without meaning stay, which they are also one from the highest among developed economically European states. Adding hereinto faultless I will grill social as well as possibility conquests international education, it inflicts that Holland is more and more in great number visited by potential workers.

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Holland is typically agricultural country therefore will find work the most easily in this sector. Experts to work in Holland be in demand with all fields also: The welders, glazermans, bricklayers, the heavy machinists operators and many others. However above mentioned works mighty take when only in measure know English well or German. The works in different time will be convicted on straight lines how the sorot of fruit, fish, vegetables etc. the of occupation it exacting the precise interhuman transport straight lines. For students very attractive to possibly the casual labor for example near the floral bulbs' gathering, the fruit, nurturing of gardens (8 euro per hour). On the best jobs to calculate persons they can from higher develop. It employs Polish programmers as well as doctors very willingly. However in this the incident of good the acquaintance of language is the necessity, without which the person develop will not it find the job even.

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Holland is a region in the central-western part of the Netherlands. Holland is a former county of the Holy Roman Empire, ruled by the Count of Holland, and later the leading member of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands.

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Earning in holland so as earlier remembered belong to one from the highest in europium. They for foreigners are also unusually attractive. average month salary in holland carries out until 1800 euro. For example bricklayer will earn 2000 euro, nurse of 1900 euro, programmer even over 3000 euro. It which in holland was worked 8 hours daily usually 36-40 hours every week. We for hour of extra work can get reward ( hourlong rate + 50%), or exchange it on extra holiday days. This sum earnings be tax rate 29% to sum 22 700 euro above rate 34,5% is in force .

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